2016 New York Latin Culture Review of "Flamenco Gumbo II" 7.29.16, from NY Latin Culture FaceBook Posting, Keith Wydolar
NY Latin Culture Review Flamenco Gumbo II 7.29.16.pdf

2012 Review of "La Rumba," May 6, 2012, by Corazón Tierra on
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English Translation
Spanish Original

2002 NY Times, Jennifer Dunning, Review of Flamenco Latino Season 2002 at The Duke, 8/1/02
First paragraph a bit extreme. Try to read, at least,through 2nd!

1999 Denver Post, Glen Griffin, Review of
the 1999 Colorado Dance Festival performance, 7.10.99
1999 Denver Post Review

1999 NY Times, Jack Anderson, Review of Flamenco Latino Season 1999 at Pace University Downtown Theater, 1/27/99
Season 1999 NY Times Review

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