Private Classes with
Basilio Georges

My job is to familiarize you with the methods guitarists in Spain use to build technique, rhythm and right hand/left hand coordination, and build good habits. You will learn flamenco from within the arte, not just as a solo guitar style outside the ambiente. To play flamenco authentically is extremely challenging, and since we are in a vacuum outside of the true envirnment, it may mean undoing bad habits, or totally changing your approach to how you learn. This may mean several steps backward before going forward. In the end, your ability to learn passages should quicken, because you know the guitar better physically, and have developed better rhythm.

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Sample Tracks or purchase Basilio's CD
"Retrospectiva Vol. 1: It's About Damn Time."

Visit Basilio's ReverbNation Page to hear music from a career spanning over 40 years.

photo: Antonio Gamboa


All Flamenco Latino Guitar Group & Private Classes held at

Shetler Studios
250 W 54th St, 12th Fl. (betw B'way-8th Ave)
Take elevator to 12th Fl. Guitar classes will be one flight up on Penthouse Floor. Look on the electronic displays for the exact Penthouse Studio room number.

Etiquette: Bring your own guitar. Be on time, studio rentals will not go over the prepaid time. No warming up in any public area of Shetler Studios or building hallways. or 347-771-2440

Guitar Group Classes

Cante and Palmas

Beginner to Advanced levels offered

Guitar Private 4-Pack, $240 ($60/class), Single Uncommitted Class $75. Please note: all brand new students must take the very first class as an Assessment Class at the $75 rate.

Guitar Private 4-Pack, $240 paid in advance (four one-hour classes, $60 each). If you elect this 4 class package and do not study once a week, you must average two classes per month. Credit for unused classes will expire 60 days after purchase date. Old rate of $220 only in effect through 5/31/17.

Guitar Private 10-Pack, $550 paid in advance (ten one-hour classes, $55 each). If you elect this 4 class package and do not study once a week, you must average three classes per month. Credit for unused classes will expire 100 days after purchase date.

Or take uncommitted classes for $75 each. Prepayment required for appointment. If you take your first uncommitted class as a trial and decide within 7 days after the first class to continue with 3 more classes paid in advance, you can switch to the 4 class package, and the balance will be $165. You must pay the balance within the 7 day period after your trial class, or the upgrade will not be honored.

Discount ONLY for students currently enrolled in a full term of group guitar class: $60/private class.

Private classes booked at Shetler Studios.

48 Hour Notice required for any changes in dates, time, or cancellation. With less than 48 hours notice, class will be charged. Anyone canceling or changing times after business hours on a weekday, after 5:00 pm on Saturday, or any time on a Sunday must make effort to contact Basilio by means other than the Flamenco Latino business phone or Flamenco Latino business email.
While privates must be arranged based on both the student's and instructor's availability, and there may be variations from week to week.

Please make sure you have a confirmation date for your first private guitar class before making payment.

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When paying by PayPal, you will NOT receive a printable class card after making payment, only a receipt. Notice of your payment will go directly to Flamenco Latino, and confirmation with details about the class you signed up for will be emailed back to you.

Please be careful to input your email WITHOUT TYPOS when you do the transaction with PayPal, or it will create problems for the confirmation of funds and delivery of services in our PayPal account.

All sales final on prepaid discount packages. Please be sure you can commit to the term. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Type of Plan

Flamenco Latino Info or 347-771-2440

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