"In financial circles there is a reassertion of influence from Spain laughingly called the 're-conquista.' Perhaps the shoe is on the other foot regarding Flamenco Latino... This group has outflanked the traditional flamenco form... experimenters will applaud."

Glen Giffin, the Denver Post

Flamenco Latino is available to do run-out performances with groups utilizing 3-6 artists. Presenters must provide the following:
  • Artist fees
  • All transportation expenses
  • Lodging for 1-2 nights (day before performance, night of performance, if necessary)
  • Performing space with a wooden, resonant surface
  • House sound system with monitors
  • All promotion and publicity for the performance

Flamenco Latino is currently offering two unique shows:

Classic Flamenco Latino (3-5 artists)

Flamenco Gumbo (5-6 artists)

Contact by email, basilio@flamencolatino.com
or by phone, 347-771-2440







List of Presenters who have booked Flamenco Latino

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