Hoy, La Ida y La Vuelta sale por acá. Aunque muy lejos, el destino claramente se puede ver del barco nuestro! (Nowadays, the round trip starts over here. Although very far away, one can see the destination clearly from our boat!)

Flamenco Latino was founded to explore and experiment with the ida y vuleta ("round trip") styles. This flamenco genre reflects Spanish amalgamation, during the late 18th century, of rhythms, structures and melodies from Latino countries. This process continues in contemporary flamenco, and Flamenco Latino brings a unique Neo Yorkino injection to the art form. Flamenco Latino continues its journey to the edge of the frontier, and has expanded its original concept through collaboration with tap dancers, Latin and jazz musicians, and involvement in theater pieces. Through its broad programming of adult and children’s classes, it offers its most talented students a path from the classroom to the stage, not only through recitals, but also through concert and local performance opportunities. As the premiere Flamenco Center in NYC, Flamenco Latino hosts both US- based and Spain-based guest artists, produces recitals and concerts in its alternative theater, and provides the New York City flamenco dance community a rental studio where damage to dance floors and sound bleed to other commercial spaces is not a prohibitive issue.

Funding for the development of this Web site was provided, in part, by the 2000 and 2002 JPMorgan/Chase Smarts grant, an annual program of the Association of Hispanic Arts.