Field Trips to
Take a Group Dance Class
or see a Lecture Demo Performance!


You can book any of the following four presentations at any time during the year when our studio theater is not being used for dance classes; however, as of Sept. 2015, there is more availability than in the past!

Our Studio Theater is currently available for shows or workshops Mon. through Thurs., for performances starting between 10:00-11:30 am and finishing as late as 1:00-1:30 pm.

Fixed price fees are listed below. For bookings contact Basilio.

Between Sept. 2015 and June 2016, we have a small amount of funding from NYC Dept. of Cultural Affairs which will allow us to subsidize a portion of the Field Trip pricing listed below for 2-4 schools or community centers. The schools must be NYC Dept. of Ed. schools located in any of the 5 Boros.

One hour group class in flamenco and/or salsa dance
for up to 40 students, single instructor, $200.00. Scheduling available during late mornings and afternoons. For this class at your Site, $250.00 where travel time is up to 45 minutes.

50-minute lecture demonstration performance in Flamenco and the Ida y Vuelta ("Round Trip") Styles
representing an assimilation of Latino songs and rhythms by flamenco artists which started during the late 1800s. The studio will be converted to a black box theatre space with curtains, lighting and seating. Three artists (guitar, 2 dancers), audience of up to 70, $575.00, Two artists show (guitar/singer, dancer/singer) $375.00. For these shows at your Site, $650.00 or $450.00, where travel time is up to 45 minutes.

Celebrating Latin Heritage: Exploring Spanish and African Roots
Themes in the presentation involve comparisons of rhythmic approaches to music and dance found in pure Spanish Flamenco and Afro-Caribbean roots of Salsa, as well as references to the culture melting pots found in both Spain during the Middle Ages and Hispanic Caribbean countries during the Age of Exploration.

The program focuses on these sections: Flamenco as performed in Andalucia, Afro-Cuban dance accompanied only by percussion and singing, examples from other Latino counties besides Cuba which have contrbuted to the music and dance called Salsa. Four artists (guitar/keyboard, percussion, 2 dancers), audience of up to 70, $700.00. For this show at your Site, $800.00, where travel time is up to 45 minutes.

The Roots of Salsa presentation at Flamenco Latino Studio, conveniently located in Midtown, is a low-cost field trip for a school or community group. This program is a retrospective of Cuban music, the birthplace of all forms referred to today as Salsa. It includes examples of forms from Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic which are part of the Salsa idiom. The presentation features explanation and participation in clave, the backbone rhythm of all types of Latin social dance music as well as participation from a seated audience in clave rhythm and soneo/coro (call and response singing). 10-12 volunteers are invited to learn 2-3 hand percussion instruments, then play with the musicians in different examples. The audience learns simple Mambo steps dancing in front of their seats. Four artists: keyboards/singer, singer/dancer, two percussionists, audience of up to 70, $700.00. For this show at your Site, $800.00, where travel time is up to 45 minutes.

When booking Field Trips to Flamenco Latino, transportation time estimates for bringing groups of students must be accurate. Please call 212-399-8519 for availability.


244 W 54 Street, 4th Fl, NY, NY 10019

Now that Flamenco Latino has its own studio,
children's classes are offered Sept.-June and over the summer.
For schedule and price details click on:
Children's Classes.

"Cuatro Esquinas" workshop partner, Uptown Dance Academy,
at their 2006 Recital (photo: Eric Bandiero).





4-6 Workshop Sessions
Culminating in a Lecture Demo
Which Includes Student Performance

Info being revised as of 12/3/15.

Appropriate for grades 4-6, 7-8, 9-12. Groups of up to 30 students. Auditorium stage or gymnasium required for workshops.


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